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BC Program

Any group in the community is welcome to take part in our most popular program. Since 1989, this program has introduced over 1 million British Columbians to our courts. Participants visit the courthouse, speak with justice system professionals and experience court in action. Specific activities may include:    Court orientations Court... more
Groups can learn the most about our justice system by experiencing it themselves in a simulated trial, called a “mock” trial. A mock trial is a definitive, dramatic, experiential learning opportunity. It develops advocacy skills and critical thinking in addition to providing knowledge about the law. Mock trials are good for all ages as they... more
The Northern Native Public Legal Education Program provides culturally-sensitive outreach services for First Nations communities throughout Northern BC. Funded primarily by the Law Foundation of BC and directed by a Steering Committee, the outreach services include programs for both First Nations youth and adults.     Topics include: Review of... more
The Court Information Program for Immigrants eliminates language and cultural barriers and enhances access to the courts and to justice for immigrants and refugees. This is accomplished by providing information and referrals to the public, immigrants and refugees appearing in court as the accused, victims, witnesses, or parties involved in a... more
Parenting After Separation is a free three-hour workshop for parents dealing with family break-up issues of child custody, access, guardianship and/or support. Topics include the impact of separation on children, decision-making and legal options. Parenting After Separating Parent Handbooks are available in multiple languages. A Facilitator's... more
Parenting After Separation: Finances program provides information and strategies about finances to separated parents. The free three-hour workshop assists parents to understand how to address the financial issues connected with separating and how to develop business-like strategies for dealing with these issues for the long term. The program is... more
The Courtlink Program has three focuses: Auto Crime Prevention, Youth-at-Risk and Aboriginal Youth-at-Risk. Topics discussed include racism, attitudes toward the police and justice system, auto crime prevention and property crime. Teachers’ guides are included. Youth-At-Risk The Youth-at-Risk Courtlink Program provides opportunities to discuss... more
Women represent more than 50% of law school graduates across Canada. However, the women hold far less than 50% of senior management positions at law firms. In addition, women leave legal practice much sooner than most men. This project will explore barriers faced by women in the legal profession and consider policies and programs that can be... more

Digital Program

 We apply digital technologies to improve legal capability and increase access to justice. Each year, our web resources help more than 1 million people to address their legal issue.  Over the last year, the JES Digital Program team has produced web resources for users in every Canadian province, plus California, Ohio, Connecticut, Vermont, and... more

International Program

In many parts of the world, people struggle with poor access to justice. Authorities often do not have the means necessary to tackle violent crime, corruption, and the lack of security. The JES International Program builds the capacity of justice systems, increases access to justice for women and children, plus provides legal education and... more