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Mapping Her Path

Women represent more than 50% of law school graduates across Canada. However, the women hold far less than 50% of senior management positions at law firms. In addition, women leave legal practice much sooner than most men. This project will explore barriers faced by women in the legal profession and consider policies and programs that can be implemented in BC to improve retention and advancement of female lawyers.

This project will build on the important efforts already taken by the profession to address these issues. It will look within and beyond the legal context of the problem to examine other constraints and explore alternative solutions. The Justice Education Society has experience working with a range of justice sector stakeholders and will partner with a number of BC agencies on this project.

The project objectives are:

  • Engage BC law firms to address retention and advancement barriers for women lawyers.
  • Increase the capacity of women lawyers to address workplace barriers.

The first year will involve listening to lawyers and employers in BC. JES will produce a gender-based needs assessment of BC-specific needs. Based on this assessment, a range of pilot projects will be selected and implemented over the following two years. Throughout the process, project partners and individuals will be encouraged to share their ideas and perspectives. As Mapping Her Path wraps up, the pilot projects will be evaluated and revised to allow for long-term sustainability and adoption within the appropriate institutions.

This Justice Education Society project will be conducted with important collaboration from the Law Society of BC and the BC Branch of the CBA, with the involvement of the Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia and the Faculty of Law, University of Victoria.


This project has been funded by the Status of Women Canada.