Empowering At-Risk and Sexually Exploited Women in BC

Human trafficking is a global problem, and our province isn’t immune to it. British Columbia has been identified as both a transit and a destination point for human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

To counter this alarming reality, our 3-year project will deliver education and supports for at-risk women and girls, survivors of human trafficking and service providers in British Columbia. We seek to empower women to make healthy life choices.

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July 2021 - March 2024

Our objectives:

  • To develop and deliver education to British Columbia females – especially at-risk Indigenous girls – empowering them to make more informed decisions regarding their relationships and personal safety, and to identify warning signs of sexual exploitation.
  • To develop and deliver inclusive education that recognizes the intersectionality and complexity of human trafficking to BC service providers and women, empowering women – especially Indigenous women – to participate more fully and effectively in the decisions that affect their lives.
Empowering At-Risk and Sexually Exploited Women in BC