Justice for All



We empower people to access and deliver justice in Canada and globally

For over 30 years, the Justice Education Society (JES) has strengthened people’s ability to access and deliver justice around the world.

At JES, we’re driven by the belief that building a person’s legal capability, and strengthening the justice systems that serve them, has the power to create a more equitable society.

Our vital programs and resources have reached millions of people—including women and girls, Indigenous peoples, seniors, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQI+ community—giving them the tools they need to understand their legal systems and access the justice they deserve. Meanwhile, our renowned capacity-building programs have ensured that justice sector professionals are equipped to process cases efficiently, meet the legal needs of their communities, and deliver justice for all.

JES’ work is powered by our staff teams, as well as our networks of legal experts, and our local partners in the communities in which we operate. Together, we have created innovative legal education resources and services, provided comprehensive training for thousands of justice sector professionals, and enhanced the justice systems of over 19 countries around the world.

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