Diagnostic: Guatemalan Institutional Justice Strengthening Program

In 2017, JES worked closely with the Public Prosecutor’s Office (“Ministerio Publico” or MP) of Guatemala to ensure the success of their five-year strategic plan. This initiative was the result of funding from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

JES’ team of experts used a needs-based approach when analyzing the MP’s plan, while working with local stakeholders in Guatemala—including Indigenous authorities and community leaders—to improve access to justice for vulnerable victims of crime.

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October 2017 - April 2018

Their insights informed JES’ creation of a 19-part Project Implementation Plan that supported the MP’s strategic objectives.

JES team members also developed the plan's governance structure, monitoring and evaluation framework, and project management and financial control systems to ensure each recommended activity’s long term sustainability and success. Our process and recommendations received highly positive feedback from stakeholders in Guatemala and abroad. As a result, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency enlisted JES to implement our plan’s activities within the Guatemala Institutional Justice Strengthening (GIJS) Project (2018-2022).