Our mission is to empower people to access and deliver justice in Canada and globally. This is accomplished through a variety of methods and programs that all reflect our vision: Justice for All.

In executing our programs, we work with and provide services to a wide demographic of people, from educators and school administrators to justice system professionals, recent immigrants, Indigenous communities and foreign governments and judicial authorities. We also provide services to over a million general public online users.

Our Code of Conduct Policy (Policy) guides our behaviour with all these stakeholders and amongst ourselves. It is driven by our desire to maintain the highest level of respect toward our clients and stakeholders, and to preserve our stellar reputation within the justice sector for ethical and responsible delivery of services of the highest caliber.


This Policy applies to all employees, consultants, volunteers, directors, and officers of the Justice Education Society (JES). JES expects all employees, consultants, volunteers, directors, and officers to know and follow this Code of Conduct.

Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment for just cause or other business relationships.


  • Respect for the law: You must act with honesty and integrity and in accordance with all professional standards and/or governing rules, laws and/or legislation that have application to the responsibilities you perform for or on behalf of JES. You are expected to educate yourself on the standards, laws, rules and regulations that govern your work for JES, and seek clarification or direction from your supervisor or other appropriate individual at JES where you are unsure.
  • Expected Behaviour: JES is committed to providing a workplace free from discrimination, bullying and harassment and expects that all relationships among persons in the workplace will be professional and free of discrimination, bullying and harassment. For further information, see the JES Bullying and Harassment Policy.
  • Business Opportunities: JES employees, consultants, volunteers, directors, and officers are prohibited from using their position with JES to solicit or conduct business for personal benefit or gain. Employees, consultants, volunteers, directors, and officers are also prohibited from taking for themselves personally or for the benefit of others, opportunities that are discovered through the use of JES property or information.
  • Fair Dealing: JES volunteers, consultants, directors and officers should endeavour to deal fairly with JES’ clients, stakeholders, suppliers, and competitors. No individual should take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation, or any other unfair or unlawful dealing practice.
  • Confidentiality: Confidential information, in any form, that you receive through your employment must not be disclosed, released, or transmitted to anyone other than persons who are authorized to receive the information. If you are in doubt as to whether certain information is confidential, you must ask your supervisor before disclosing, releasing, or transmitting it. Information from foreign entities that is gathered as part of process and procedural training and education will be held as confidential until such time as express consent is received by the original owner of the information to disclose, release or otherwise transmit it.
  • Integrity of Records and Internal Controls: The accuracy, reliability and integrity of JES’ records is critical to its on-going success. Appropriate accounting and financial policies, procedures, controls and audit processes must be maintained. All business records, expense accounts, invoices, bills, payroll and employee records and other reports must be prepared with care and honesty. All assets, liabilities and transactions must be accurately and completely reported in JES’ books and records and supported by necessary documentation. No asset, liability or transaction is to be concealed from management or JES’ auditors.
  • Public Comment: JES volunteers, consultants, directors and officers should not speak publicly, including to the media, where it could be perceived as an official act or representation of the position of JES, unless authorized to do so by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Requests to speak publicly and/or comment on behalf of JES should be sent to the CEO.
  • Conflict of Interest: You should avoid all situations that present a conflict of interest or that reasonably present the appearance of a conflict of interest. Please refer to the JES Conflict of Interest Policy that describes in greater detail the definition of conflict used by JES, and what steps you should take in the event that you find yourself in a conflict of interest relationship or situation. Procedures for disclosure of such relationships are provided in the Guidelines for Disclosure section of the Conflict of Interest Policy. All employees are required to read and sign JES’ Conflict of Interest Policy in addition to signing this Code of Conduct Policy.
  • Fraud, Theft, and Intentional Damage: Fraud and theft are not tolerated at JES. This includes, for example, the misappropriation or theft of assets, the intentional misrepresentation of expense claims, benefits claims, hours worked and/or the purchase of goods and/or services, and the misrepresentation of financial information. 
  • Intentional Damage: You are strictly prohibited from stealing or intentionally damaging JES project or property. The theft or intentional damaging of JES project or property results in disciplinary action up to and including termination from employment or termination of other business relationship. Furthermore, you are held responsible for reimbursing JES for the costs of theft or intentional damage.
  • Criminal Conduct: You are strictly prohibited from knowingly engaging in any activity or action that would violate the criminal laws of Canada and/or the criminal laws of the host country, where applicable. Commission of a criminal offense may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination from employment or termination of other business relationship. If you are charged with a criminal offense, you are required to immediately report this fact in writing to the CEO of JES.JES reserves the right to suspend any employee while a criminal investigation is on-going or until the charges are resolved, or terminate the employee, or other business relationship, as warranted.
  • Political Activity If you choose to participate in partisan political activity, you must do so during off-hours and you cannot use your position at JES, JES equipment, or facilities in connection with such political activity.


All JES employees, consultants, volunteers, directors and officers who know of, or suspect, a violation of this Policy or of any applicable law, rule or regulation have an obligation to immediately report this information to their supervisor or any member of the Senior Leadership Team. Actual or suspected violations should also be reported to the person’s supervisor or any member of the Senior Leadership Team. However, where an employee, volunteer, consultant, director, or officer is not comfortable going to their supervisor or a member of the Senior Leadership Team, they should consult, in confidence, with human resources (HR) or the CEO. All reported violations will be promptly investigated and treated confidentially to the extent possible. Employees, volunteers, consultants, directors and officers are expected to cooperate fully in internal investigations of misconduct.

In addition, you must report to HR a safety hazard or unsafe condition or act in accordance with the provisions of the B.C. Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, BC Reg. 296/97, (http://www.bclaws.ca/civix/document/id/complete/statreg/296_97_00), as amended from time to time.

Code of Conduct Violations

Violation of the principles and explicit rules outlined in the Code of Conduct is a serious matter and may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment with JES for just cause or termination of other business relationship.


No one will be subject to retaliation because of a good faith report of suspected violation of this Policy, or for assisting in an investigation into a breach of this Policy. At the same time, any person found to have made a false or malicious report or knowingly providing false or misleading information during an investigation will be subject to disciplinary measures up to and including termination of employment for just cause or termination of other business relationship.

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