Ask JES Legal Help Services

Ask JES provides swift, accurate, and on-demand answers to the public’s legal questions.

Now available on six legal help websites in British Columbia, Ask JES provides free legal information —not legal advice— and can guide the public to further services and resources with relevant referrals.

Ask JES provides live help on weekdays between 11am and 2pm. We strive to meet British Columbians where they’re at, offering them live digital chat, phone, and text message options during our operating hours. When our offices are closed, people can leave an email, phone, or text message and receive a response the next business day.

Ask JES is supported by a continually growing knowledge base of legally-reviewed questions and answers, which means the public can be confident in the accuracy of the information provided.

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2014 - Present

Law students from the University of British Columbia serve as our first responders, providing legal information and referrals to clients. Complex questions are escalated to JES for more detailed responses.

Since 2014, Ask JES has responded to over 30,000 inquiries across a spectrum of legal topics and made over 20,000 referrals.

British Columbians with legal questions can visit or call 1-877-875-8867.

Operating hours are weekdays from 11am—2pm.

  • Providing free answers to legal questions in BC Canada since 2014, helping people to address their legal issues
  • Responded to over 30,000 inquiries
  • Provided information and over 20,000 referrals to government, BC courts, BC Public Legal Education and Information organizations, Legal Aid and Pro bono legal services
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