Going to Court

Since JES was established in 1989, we have published a series of resources to help the public be more prepared when appearing in court with a legal issue. The resources listed on this page are now all historical. More recent content is included in Court Websites and available through other JES online resources. From preparing witnesses for criminal trials or providing an American Sign Language introduction to the role of court personnel, JES multimedia resources offered comprehensive information in engaging and accessible formats.

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April 2005 - March 2014
  • Come On In - This video resource introduces viewers to the functioning of British Columbia courts, emphasizing that courts are open to the public and serve an important purpose in maintaining the rule of law and a just society.
  • Court Watchers Manual - This popular print resource helps readers to better understand the role of court personnel and mechanics of trials. It has been used as an education resource and a guide for those appearing in court with a legal issue.
  • Let’s Go To Court - Aimed at a youth audience, this video prepares viewers to provide testimony in court, especially for family law cases.
  • See You in Court - This video offers an American Sign Language introduction to the role of court personnel and the functioning of trials.
  • Family Law and You - This series of videos and print resources helps prepare self-representing litigants to advance their separation or divorce through British Columbia’s family justice processes.
  • Court Tips for Parents - This series of nine videos provides separating parents with an introduction to family law court processes—including court forms, applications to court, and hearings—helping them be more prepared to represent themselves in their family law matters.
  • Arrest to Trial - This video and print resource helps the public understand British Columbia’s criminal justice process, from being arrested to appearing in court.
  • Your Voice in Criminal Court - This video helps prepare witnesses of crime to give testimony at criminal trials.
  • British Columbians learned about the role of the courts in maintaining the rule of law and supporting a just society
  • British Columbians were more prepared to address their legal issues in provincial courts, as self-presented litigants, witnesses, parents, youth, and more
Going to Court