Guatemala: Technological Platform for Victim Services

Violence against women is one of the most highly reported crimes in Guatemala. However, the United Nations found that crimes against women go unpunished in more than 88% of reported cases, and fewer than 3% of sexual offenders end up behind bars.

To address the lasting effect that such violence has on victims, JES collaborated with the Public Prosecutor’s Office (“Ministerio Publico” or MP) in Guatemala to develop a technological platform to improve services for victims of violence in Guatemala—especially for women, girls and members of vulnerable groups. The platform aims to support victim service providers in the MP more efficiently document and provide relevant services to victims of violence and refer them to outside organizations in what are called referral networks that can provide more long-term support. Users at the MP and in the referral network can also access e-learning courses on victimology and data privacy and security for victims of violence and an online reference library.

Global Affairs Canada
April 2017 - September 2021

The project also partnered with local civil society organization Fundación Sobrevivientes, who has over 20 years of experience providing support services to victims of violence, to determine the best approaches to respond to individuals who have become victims of violence. This vital feedback was incorporated into a new MP website,, which provides practical information for vulnerable populations about the justice system and available support services, and enables victims to make informed decisions and further promote their safety.

  • Developed a case management system for victim services providers at the Public Prosecutor's Office of Guatemala
  • Designed and launched the victims’ services website in Spanish and 4 Mayan languages
  • Created 6 courses for the Public Prosecutor's Office of Guatemala and other providers to improve the quality and coordination of services for vulnerable victims of violence 
  • Provided 54 laptops to psychologists and social workers at the Public Prosecutor's Office of Guatemala and 200 computers to referral network members 
  • Facilitated 8 online seminars about how to improve services for vulnerable victims of violence with between 400-1500 participants each session
Building a Technological Platform to Support Victim Services