Justice System Education Program

JSEP provides legal education to students and community groups across British Columbia to increase their legal capability and deepen their understanding of our justice system.

Our educators facilitate interactive group visits to British Columbia courts, or deliver live streaming legal education webinars for remote audiences. Whether they’re learning in-person or online, participants receive hands-on legal education as they watch real trials, connect with legal professionals, and participate in mock trial simulations.

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1989 - Present

JSEP also provides professional development workshops for teachers, enabling them to deliver legal instruction to their students. Following a JSEP session, students report feeling better equipped to engage with legal issues in their lives.

To learn more about how JES supports British Columbia teachers to provide legal education, visit Legal Education Curriculum Resources.

  • Over 30 years, the Justice System Education Program has introduced over 1 million British Columbians to our laws and justice system