Building Public Confidence and Responsive Governance in Law Reform

In this project, JES oversaw the development objective of the project which was oriented towards the internal and international transfer of knowledge to enhance civic society in Montenegro as an important part of regional knowledge exchange in South-Eastern Europe. The project aimed at developing capacity in public consultation, public education, and government communications strategies for the purpose of increasing the public’s awareness of the current justice system and support for the democratic reforms that the Government of Montenegro (GOM) continues to institute.

In order to meet its goals JES planned the following activities:

  • Planned and hosted a seminar
  • Held a results-oriented workshop on public legal education
  • Conducted meetings on public consultation, public legal education, and government communications strategies aimed at addressing the needs of the Ministry of Justice, the Institute for Public Administration, Judiciary, and Local Government (the “Institute”), other government ministries, and NGO’s.
  • Gave a presentation with the Faculty of Law on anti-corruption focus groups organized by the delegation and ABA/CEELI
  • Attended an Anti-Corruption Roundtable at the University of Podgorica.
November 14-24, 2000

Some of the key Project Impacts were:

  • 17 participants partook in a four-hour workshop on how to develop a public legal education initiative and project.

Provided workshop participants with a design template for a PLE initiative, a specific PLE project, and samples of PLE materials from Canada, all translated into the Montenegrin language.

Workshop in Montenegro