Strengthening Anti-Crime Capacity in Panama

As one of the last Latin American countries to move from an inquisitorial to an adversarial justice system, Panama faced significant challenges when shifting their legal institutions towards a new approach.

They welcomed our experts to guide them in the transition, and to equip their teams with the necessary tools to tackle complex crimes and take on criminal organizations.

JES collaborated with Canadian specialists to train Panamanian police, prosecutors, judges, and the national forensic laboratory. We provided comprehensive training in major case management and investigation, forensic video analysis, and criminal intelligence analysis, and offered technical assistance as they implemented their new investigative techniques.

Global Affairs Canada – Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program
November 2017 - January 2021

Throughout our work in Panama, JES followed a “train the trainer” approach that built upon local knowledge and experience and ensured the long-term sustainability of our work. We also developed a successful pilot program that took a holistic approach to organized crime—a crucial step towards combating criminal activity in Panama’s capital city and the area bordering Colombia—and we embedded an innovative gender-sensitive lens into our training sessions.

At the project’s conclusion, participants reported that they felt confident navigating the three phases of investigation, and that they had strengthened their professional bonds across the justice sector.

  • 1,052 participants trained
  • 21 gender-sensitive training sessions delivered in Major Case Management and Investigation skills
  • 32 gender-sensitive training sessions delivered in Trial Preparation and Presentation
  • Donations of laptops, Forensic Video Analysis (FVA) and Criminal Investigations Analysis (CIA) equipment and 8 gender-sensitive training delivered for prosecutorial, investigative and forensic science operators