Guatemala: Technological Platform for Victim Services

The Human Rights Ombudsman of Guatemala (“Procurador de los Derechos Humanos” or PDH) has requested the support of JES to design an initiative to strengthen its processes and transparency to ensure that Guatemalan victims receive consistent quality of care and follow-up in human rights violation cases.

Sweden Sverige
May 2021 - December 2022

Corruption, organized crime, and a lack of political will have made investigations and prosecutions of such crimes a historically difficult task. However, the Human Rights Ombudsman Office of Guatemala has recently developed a procedure to unify processes, and sought our support to strengthen its Case Management System.

To ensure success and long-term sustainability, JES will procure all the required hardware and directly upgrade the facilities at the PDH office, while offering comprehensive training to the technical staff. Moreover, through a system of progressive change management, the project works with operational and administrative staff at the PDH to design, test and implement the system, leaving installed capacity that not only improves case management efficiency, but builds a culture of best practices that focus on the needs of vulnerable populations.

Strengthening the Case Management System of the Human Rights Ombudsman of Guatemala (PDH)