JES Projects

Mujer Florece: Empowerment and Economic Security for Women Survivors of Violence in Guatemala

Funded through USAID’s MujerProspera Challenge, the project seeks to address and respond to…

Building Public Confidence and Responsive Governance in Law Reform

In this project, JES was the lead organization on the Canadian side, and partnered with the American Bar Association Central Eastern European…

Civil Society and Justice System Strengthening in Ethiopia

1998-2001 (Completed)

As part of the Horn of Africa Capacity Building Program funded by Oxfam Canada, JES supported OXFAM Canada with civil society and justice strengthening…

Counter -Terrorism Capacity Building Program

Training police, prosecutors, and judges in Guatemala on wiretap operations to improve their investigations on organized crime.

Diagnostic Study: Access to Justice for Indigenous Peoples in Guyana

In 2020, JES conducted a diagnostic study on access to justice for Indigenous Peoples in Guyana.