JES Projects

Nairobi Encounter (part of Oxfam’s Horn of Africa Capacity Building Program)

Dec 7-11, 1998 (Completed)

This project was designed to support the capacity building and human resource development of local governmental and non-governmental organizations…

Self-Represented Litigant Handbooks

Producing a series of handbooks for self-represented litigants in Canada.

Somaliland Legal Resource and Training Center

The initiative was launched and implemented through collaboration between the Somaliland Authorities and the following four development agencies:…

Special Methods of Investigation (SMI) Program for Central America

Equipping El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras’ criminal justice systems with cutting-edge technologies and investigation methods.

Strengthening Anti-Crime Capacity in Panama

JES strengthened the capacity of Panama’s legal institutions as they transitioned to the adversarial justice system.