JES Projects

Mayan Traditional Justice Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge exchange between Indigenous communities in BC and Guatemala to share and strengthen their traditional justice systems.

Nairobi Encounter (part of Oxfam’s Horn of Africa Capacity Building Program)

Dec 7-11, 1998 (Completed)

This project was designed to support the capacity building and human resource development of local governmental and non-governmental organizations involved in and committed to the principles of equity and participatory development, as part of Oxfam’s Horn of Africa Capacity building Program (HOACBP).

Self-Represented Litigant Handbooks

Producing a series of handbooks for self-represented litigants in Canada.

Somaliland Legal Resource and Training Center

The initiative was launched and implemented through collaboration between the Somaliland Authorities and the following four development agencies: HOACBP/Oxfam Canada, Law Courts Education Society of British Columbia (currently JES), UNDP Somalia and Diakonia. 

Special Methods of Investigation (SMI) Program for Central America

Equipping El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras’ criminal justice systems with cutting-edge technologies and investigation methods.