JES Projects

Civil Society and Justice System Strengthening in Ethiopia

1998-2001 (Completed)

As part of the Horn of Africa Capacity Building Program funded by Oxfam Canada, JES supported OXFAM Canada with civil society and justice strengthening with a gender focus in Ethiopia.

Combating Gangs and Criminality in Central America

Increasing the capacity of Central American justice systems to combat gang activity.

Counter -Terrorism Capacity Building Program

Training police, prosecutors, and judges in Guatemala on wiretap operations to improve their investigations on organized crime.

Diagnostic Study: Access to Justice for Indigenous Peoples in Guyana

In 2020, JES conducted a diagnostic study on access to justice for Indigenous Peoples in Guyana.

Diagnostic: Guatemalan Institutional Justice Strengthening Program

Providing insight and guidance to ensure the success of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Guatemala’s five-year strategic plan.